Established in 2007, Headway Technology continues to offer straight forward, low cost, complete IT solutions to small businesses across the West Midlands region.
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Windows 7 Support Ends in Jan 2020

Still running Windows 7? - Then its essential to upgrade to Windows 10 soon as it will stop being supported by Microsoft on January 14th 2020, this means your computers will shortly afterwards be at high risk of virus and malware infection and outside attacks.

If you feel that your computers are grinding to a hault or not performing as they once did, then maybe its time to consider an upgrade.

Are you unsure if your current PC will run Windows 10 effectively? We are able to advise of what spec PCs to avoid and the minimum requirements for your individual needs.

Great prices on the best known brands

Custom builds & budget ranges

On-site warranties

Often we can make an old PC seem like brand new

We'll will transfer all of your data across from your old PC, ensuring that it remains safe and secure

Your old data or unwanted kit will be securely destroyed

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