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We have partnered with Vodafone, and are now offering some of the best price deal on sim-only plans.

How Do Sim-only Plans Work?

In the old days there was little choice but to go to a shop and choose a new handset locked to a specific network. We now live in a world where it's possible to switch your network provider and talk plan as you please - every month or every year. That's the beauty of sim-only. You keep your old phone and change to the best available deal.

One Simple Pay Monthly Plan

We have taken away the need for you to keep looking for the best deal and have put together what we believe is one of the best plans out there.

For a very low cost fixed monthly fee we are able to provide you with a sim-only deal which includes unlimited calls, unlimited text messages and a significant amount of bundled data. Better still - there is no long term contract, with just 30 days notice required if you want to leave.

Best sim only deals - in partnership with Vodafone


Vodafone - best price sim only deals


Why Go Sim-Only?

Reason to choose a sim-only deal from Headway Technology

 Best deals available
 30 day only contract
 Change plan when you please
 UK based support
 Supporting a local business


We have been actively servicing businesses in the Midlands region for many years and have gained a thorough understanding of their requirements.
We will always provide the most cost effective solution for your businesses.
We value establishing a personal, trusting long term relationship while ensuring that we always give impartial, honest advice.
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